Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Let's talk about rolling dance bags

Rolling dance bags 
Rack Monsters
I call them rolling closets.  These bags are designed to hold and assist in transporting our precious costumes to and from a competition or recital.  Are they all that?  Yes they are.  Are they perfect? No they are not.  Does one stand out from the other?
Yes!  Quality, customer service, availability, usability. These are all factors that you should consider before shelling out approximately $200.00 plus shipping.

Tired of schlepping around all that gear, shoes, make-up, accessories, garment bags etc. etc. in multiple different bags?  If not, you will be. Once you get to the point where you can no longer tolerate not being able to find what you want at any given moment because you have so many back packs and bags that it's driving you to the point of, well you know, ugh! Once you see a dancer rolling in with "A" bag, one bag, which carries everything, yeah, you're finally going to jump onto the band wagon and get one of the bags that are currently available on the market.

Dance Tower
There are several new editions to the 2016 line of rolling dance bags available. Here are just a few Rac N RollDream Duffel, Dance Tower, Diva Dolly, Dance Star ,Rack Monsters and Glam'r Gear. The first two bags are almost identical. There's a reason for this.  For more information you can read my blog titled, Rac N Roll vs. Dream Dufflel.  The Dance TowerDance Star, Rack Monsters and Glam'r gear bags, are a completely different twist altogether. One of the newest competitors on the floor is the Diva Dolly, which is an all in one trunk style with drawers. There are a couple more bags out there, which I have yet to get my hands on before I comment on them.  These exciting new designs and bags that are going to be a big hit!

Dance Star
The first thing that you will notice that sets the Dance Star trunk apart from the rest is the way it stands.  This  magnificent "bag" has 5 drawers, a 360 degree rack and an interior rail hanger system which eliminates the fussy D-ring style holders. 13 color options, a Lifetime Warranty and so much more. More about the Dance Star to come. . .

All of the bags, of course, have some sort of internal telescoping rack system, hence my coined phrase "rolling closet."  Each bag has it's own unique rack system.

Diva Dolly
So what else separates one bag from another? Color options, reliability, quality, storage capability, capacity, ease of use, availability, and cost.  These are all things to consider when you are looking to purchase one of these types of bags.   The color and or pattern options are clearly personal choice. Reliability, well, I am bias, because as a distributor and a dance mom, I have all the above mentioned bags.  As such, I can tell you hands down, the Rac N Roll dance bag has a far better rack system then the Dream Duffel. The Dance Tower is one my favorite bags and is a top rated contender.  The Diva Dolly is a very cool product. Again, you can refer to the other blog Compare Dance bags . In regards to customer care, all of the above mentioned companies provide great customer service and warranties.
The Rack Monster.  This bag is designed for those who have 8 or fewer costumes.  An advanced system designed for the maximum capacity in a small space.  There are a total of 8 exterior and interior pockets and storage compartments.  An adjustable rack extends up to 34 inches.  Additional features are an expandable one inch of space, locking quad wheel system, solid steel frame and rack system, rear and side protective skid rails.  Handles on the side and top of the bag for easy handling.  Simple 3 piece steel rod system.  No mechanism's or buttons, making this rack super solid and fail safe.

Glam'r Gear.  I would describe this bag as a rolling dressing room. An optional curtain which attaches via velcro straps onto a pull out u-shaped rod system is what sets this bag apart from all of the other bags out there.  This bag also allows the lid cover to close completely while the side rods are exposed.  Similar style bags cannot be zippered shut when the rack is in place.  There is a side pouch with a strap locking system to hold a chair in place on the exterior.  The rack has 3 adjustable heights and an insert piece to stabilize and support the rack.  There are interior and exterior pockets and storage compartments to store all of your shoes and accessories.  This bag has a 4 wheel system allowing you to push or pull the bag.  Currently available in Black and Glitter Pink.

You will always find someone out there who prefers one bag over the other.  It's called brand loyalty. What I provide are personal and professional experiences and give you first hand knowledge of the distinct differences between all of the rolling dance bags that are on the market today so that you can choose the bag that is right for you..

Happy dancing!

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