Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pack2Rack Review vs. Rac n Roll, Dream Duffel, Rack Monsters, Glam'r Gear, Dance Tower, Diva Dolly and more!

Comparing Rolling Dance bags 

So, here we are approaching the 2018 dance competition season. If you're still lugging around back packs and make shift suitcases to carry all of your costumes, accessories, make-up etc. let me make your life easier!

Sooner or later, sooner being the better option, you should consider investing in a rolling closet.  Yes, it's an investment, however, consider this. . . why would you fuss and muss and dig around the bottom of a bag when you can roll in with everything organized in one rolling dance bag?  For about $200 you can buy peace of mind and organization.  When you're done with the bag you can sell it. There's a big resale market for these bags.  The problem is that there aren't many out there for resale because they last for years and well, frankly, that's a good thing.  Hence the reason I say that taking the plunge and making a purchase is a good investment.

So then, which bag do you buy? Below will be an honest, in depth discussion about which bag, that is currently on the market is the best bag to own and why.  I have no bias towards one brand or another, as I am an authorized retailer of all but one of the brands.  Most importantly I have dance mom experience and expert knowledge. I am going to, as usual give you my honest opinion about all of the rolling dance bags that are currently available today. Before I delve deeply into the subject please note that I have all four of these bags and many years of experience, hands on and as a professional with all of the bags that I am comparing today.

You may or may not know that there is a new rolling dance bag, or as I have always referred to as "rolling closets," on the market.  It's called the Dance Tower.  My daughter and I had the pleasure to of using the Dance Tower all last season.  We had no issues whatsoever.

There are now several brands of rolling dance bags with more coming on the market for the Fall. If you haven't purchased anything yet, I'd say wait, there are some very exciting things coming soon!

Dream Duffel
Alrighty, so let's get to it.  As you all know if you follow my blog, I am not a fan of the Dream Duffel. The rack is always unreliable and the customer service is next to nil.  Take notice; at every competition you will see all of the bags listed above.  At each and every competition you will notice that one brand in particular always has a slanted rack.  This is a sure sign that the bag in which I speak of is the Dream Duffel.

Moving on (pun intended)
to the Rac n Roll.
This was the first bag of it's kind to hit the pavement.  I have been a big fan of this bag for years. Customer service. . . This is important.  When and if you have an issue with a product, any product, you want service.  Simple enough.  Anyway, back to the bag.  The rack is very sturdy, which is the most important feature of these types of bags.  You put the square peg into the square hole. The side poles are telescopic which are simple enough to use.  In 2015 there were a few issues with the t-bar piece on the top rack breaking as well as the poles being difficult to insert into the main support system.  That said, replacement parts were shipped out immediately, free of charge, if you are within the warranty period which is 1 year. Fair enough I would say.  There's an ample amount of storage pockets inside and out.  2 sizes, medium or large offering 4 color and pattern options. UPDATE. . . The new 2.0 is now

One of my favorite bags is the Dance Tower.
This bag is made by Grit. World renowned maker of hockey and ice skating bags. It was a natural move for them to design a dance bag. We recently used
this bag at a competition and we loved it! The upright design took up a minimal amount of space.  The rack, a bungee cord type system, (brilliant)! was effortless to set up and yes, the rack and the bag are very sturdy.  This bag will hold 15 costumes.  It's a bit on the pricey side, but it's worth it. This bag is a collapsible design for easy storing when not in use. If you are looking to have more space in the dressing room and don't have a bazillion costumes, then I highly recommend the Dance Tower. Quality, multiple storage pockets and space saving make this the new it bag. Currently available in Black on black and Pink on black.

Dance Star.  Be a star and travel like one too! Loving this trunk!  The newest most innovative rolling closet built and made in the USA.  Using the highest quality components to insure durability and longevity.  A lifetime warranty with free non-cosmetic repairs for the life of the trunk, scratch resistant, water resistant, lock tight lid keeps out moisture out, rear skid rails. . . Simply put, this trunk is built to last!  The best feature is the 360 degree movable rack system.  5 drawers to store all of your gear and a drop in cooler pack to keep your food cold. 13 color options.  There's nothing not to love about this "bag."

Rack Monsters
Looking for something big yet small?  There's tons of storage space on this bag both inside and out.  2 years of designing and prototypes to get this bag just right! Specifically designed for those who have 8 or fewer costumes.  An advanced system designed for the maximum capacity in a small space.  There are a total of 8 exterior and interior pockets and storage compartments.  An adjustable rack extends up to 34 inches.  Additional features are an expandable one inch of space, locking quad wheel system, solid steel frame and rack system, rear and side protective skid rails.  Handles on the side and top of the bag for easy handling.  Simple 3 piece steel rod system.  No mechanism's or buttons, making this rack super solid and fail safe.

Glam'r Gear.
A new twist in design!  It's truly a rolling dressing room.  The optional curtain offers a sense of privacy. Simply attach via velcro straps onto a pull out u-shaped rod system. This bag also allows the lid cover to close completely while the side rods are

exposed.  Similar style bags cannot be zippered shut when the rack is in place.  There is a side pouch with a strap locking system to hold a chair in place on the exterior.  The rack system has 3 adjustable heights, not offered on any other bag on the market today. A unique stabilizer insert piece adds great support to the rack.  There are interior and exterior pockets and storage compartments to store all of your shoes and accessories.  This bag has a 4 wheel system allowing you to push or pull the bag.  Currently available in Black and Glitter Pink.

Diva Dolly.  This product is a trunk/trolley style.  It is definitely not a bag.  It is completely unique in its style and functionality.  The Dolly has three pull out drawers which are on gliders are fully lined and have dividers for maximum organization. The top tray area has pull out pieces unveiling additional compartments to store smaller items.  There are two side chambers which close and snap to keep items from falling out. The rack is a telescoping system that is easy to put together in seconds.  It has six wheels and can be pushed or leaned to pull for transporting. This bad boy is heavy! 34 lbs. without anything in it.  You can hang up to 6 costumes on the inside.  That said, the interior hanging area lacks in width and thus you have to hang the costumes without using a  protective garment bag, which can be an issue.  This product is best suited if your intent is to store your costumes in the drawers.  The mirror is small, so I would suggest purchasing a hanging mirror, other then that this product is very cool.
It is available in Pink, Black, Red, Silver Diamond, Zebra print and Gold.

Dance Angel
The Dance Angel dance bag has a very unique design.  This bag stands in an upright position and is on 4 spinners wheels. Two sizes, Carry-on and Large and has a patent for it's rack system. The rack is placed in it's own separate compartment behind the interior.  You unzip the compartment and pull on the metal loop to pull up the rack, you then pull out the sides to extend the hanging area. This configuration best suits those who are looking for a bag that is less bulky and easy to store.  The Carry-on size, if you are using a garment bag, will hold up to 3 costumes.  The Larger bag will hold up to 8 costumes.  Anything more then this I would recommend looking at a different brand. This bag also has the option of customizing with name and or image. The d-rings on this bag are not secured and thus pulls down when a hanger is placed on it.  It is recommended that you simply fold your costumes.  Lack of pockets and storage compartments make this bag unappealing.

The Pack2Rack.  There are several storage compartments that it's tough to decide what you want to put where.  On the outside there are 3 compartments.  On the front side there is a cooler style pocket, next to that is a zippered pocket and in between these is a mesh compartment to hold a water bottle.  On the back side there is a huge zippered pocket.  Here you can place an accessory stool or a change of clothes etc. The interior has an elongated mesh compartment and on the opposite side are two zippered storage compartments, 1 large and 1 small.
Collapsed folded position
The lid opens to the side which hangs on the top rack. The lid is loaded with clear zippered pockets.  My favorite pocket is the elongated vertical pocket.  Lastly, when the bag is not in use it completely collapses for convenient storage.
In regards to the rack. This is a 3 piece metal pole system. 2 round side poles quickly slip into the holding support system and click into place.  The 3rd top piece simply clicks onto the side pieces. The rack system is a bit clumsy to take apart not as sturdy as one would like to have.  It is difficult to place the rods into the bag when not in use.

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